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Food for Thought

  • Genesis Online Study Begins June 1

    Beginning Monday, June 1, we will debut a weekly online Genesis study.  The study and discussion, led by Charlie Walden, will tell the stories of the primeval history and Israel’s patriarchs.  We will attempt to present those stories the way they were first read and heard.  Click ... Read More

  • When Will NUMC Be Able to Reopen? 5/15 Insights from Bishop McKee

    When will Northgate be able to reopen? Bishop McKee provided some insight this week. For Northgate, which is in the Metro District, Bishop McKee says, “At this time, it is not in the best interest of community health for the churches in the Metro and North Central ... Read More

  • Limited Food Pantry Distribution – Saturdays 8:30-10:30

    Northgate’s Food Pantry will have a limited distribution of food essentials on Saturdays from 8:30am – 10:30am. Our procedures have been modified to help keep clients and volunteers safe from the coronavirus, and we ask that you follow the instructions on site. Please do not wait on ... Read More

  • Baruch/Letter of Jeremiah Recap – Session 4

    A word from Charlie (4/16/20). In Session Four, we discuss the Letter of Jeremiah written to Judeans who were about to be taken into exile, warning them of the dangers of false gods. How do today’s false gods promise to deliver us from the COVID-19 pandemic? One ... Read More

  • Churches to Remain Online Only Through May

    Bishop McKee has issued an updated statement for the churches of the the North Texas Conference, as we continue to deal with COVID-19. In short, we are to plan to remain in online-mode through May. Click here for the Bishop’s full statement. If you have any questions, ... Read More

  • Baruch/Letter of Jeremiah Recap – Session 3

    April 8, 2020  In Session Three, Baruch tells Israel to take courage and offers a poem of consolation for them and for a devastated Jerusalem – the mother of Israel. Is there consolation for us as the number of novel coronavirus cases in the U.S. has more ... Read More

  • Baruch/Letter of Jeremiah Recap – Session 2

    In Session Two, the exiled Jews in Babylon try to fathom and cope with this calamitous event that has engulfed them. What can we learn from them in this crisis of our own time? In Texas, there are five times the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths ... Read More