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Food for Thought

  • Pastor Orr’s May 19 Sermon Now Online

    In the book of Acts (Chapter 11:1-18), we find early members of the faith questioning Peter about why he would share this Grace with others who are not like them: uncircumcised, Gentiles, wrong side of the tracks, not the same color, not the same economic status, not the same politics. How does Peter respond? Pastor Orr’s sermon from May 19, ... Read More

  • Corinthians Study – Recaps Available for Sessions 1 & 2

      Recaps of Sessions 1 and 2 of the new study of Corinthians are now available online. Session 3 will be next Monday, May 20th, at 6:30pm in the New Revelations Classroom (Dome Building). Click the “Read More” link below to catch up on the study.

  • Food Pantry Ministry – May 2019

    May’s designated  Food Pantry Ministry item is canned meat  and tuna. You can bring your donations any Sunday in May – just drop them in the donation boxes at either door of the Worship Activity Center. As always, if you can’t remember what the designated food item for the month is, you can always bring peanut butter and crackers. Your ... Read More

  • Pastor Orr’s May 12 Sermon Now Online

    The Bible tells us about Lydia, a woman who not only has her own home, but owns a business as well. Not what we would normally expect to hear about a woman of her day. On this Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at women who have shown great faith and have shared God’s love in their lives. How we ... Read More

  • Corinthians Recap Available for Session 1

      If you had to miss Session 1 of the new study of Corinthians, we’ve got you covered – a recap is available online. Click the “Read More” link below to be directed to it.

  • Pastor Orr’s May 5 Sermon Online

    Sometimes – as the commercial says – “we wanna get away”. In times of trial, we may turn to things we are comfortable with, even when it’s the wrong thing. But because of Christ, we are restored. Enjoy this week’s sermon, “Gone Fishing”. Pastor Orr’s sermon from May 5, “Gone Fishing”, is now available online. Click on the button at ... Read More

  • Pastor Orr’s Apr 28 Sermon Online

    John 20:19-31 tells us that Thomas doubted that Christ was alive. It was not until he could see Him for himself and place his hand in Christ’s side that he believes. But Christ tells us we are more blessed than those who saw Him because we believed without seeing. Let us do as Dr. King once said – “Faith is ... Read More