February 27, 2019 – The United Methodist Church General Conference 2019

My thoughts regarding the United Methodist Church General Conference 2019:

Well, we all have much prayer left to do about all of this. I know hearts are broken over all of this. Mine is one of them. So I am mindful of the many whose hearts are broken by discrimination; or because the world has left them out or left them behind; or because their stomachs are empty and their backs are cold; or a loved one is sick; or a loved one is gone. As a church, we must remain active in presenting the healing risen Christ to all of these broken hearts, our own and our neighbor’s.

I want you to know that all people are welcome at Northgate UMC here in Irving, in worship services, at Christ’s table, in Sunday school, on committees, in missions, and everything else we do to spread the news that God is in our land. Also, be assured that you may call me, write me, or come see me in my office any time you wish to process all of this.

May love and grace in Christ see us through.

Pastor Orr