November’s Food Pantry Ministry

ChurchFood for Thought

November is Macaroni and Cheese Month for our Food Pantry. Please bring your favorite box of macaroni and cheese any Sunday in November and drop it in the donation boxes by each door to the Worship Activity Center. Tuna Helper and Chicken Helper also appreciated. Thank you for your support!

For additional information, please call the church office at 972/252-8519.

Sunday Food Pantry Ministry
May – Canned Meat & Tuna
June – Peanut Butter, Jelly
July – Canned Fruit (NO Pineapple, please)
August – Canned Vegetables (No Sauerkraut, please)
September – Powdered Milk
October – Cereal
November – Macaroni & Cheese
December – Dried Beans & Rice